the flowers of corfu

The Flowers of Corfu

"They are so endless." Edward Lear, 24 May, 1856

This website has been set up to record the extraordinary abundance of flowers on the island of Corfu. The flowers are displayed in family order, grouped according to botanical systematics with orchids first. (Click on the links below to go to each page.) 

If you would like to add to our database please send an image of the flower to together with its Latin and English names (if known), the date photographed and where it was seen. Your name will appear against the photograph if you so wish.

During an eight-day walk along the length of the Corfu Trail 150 different flowers were photographed by local author John Waller. Those images are displayed on these pages and were taken in a variety of locations along the Corfu Trail, ranging from coastal sand dunes in the south to mountain ridges in the north. (Click here to view a map of the Corfu Trail and descriptions of the sections walked each day.) The same flowers can be found in abundance across the island and are mainly in bloom from March to early June, and again in September and October. Another notable area of botanical interest is the British Cemetery in Corfu Town which contains over 30 different orchids.

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