the flowers of corfu

The Flowers of Corfu


The topology of the island of Corfu can be simplified to a mountain ridge across the north and a lower range down the west coast and hilly country on the east.

Mt. Pantokrator, at 911 metres, is at the east end of the ridge. It is surrounded on its west side by a karst plateau and falls steeply to the sea on its south-east side. The west end of the ridge is no higher than 500 metres with a fine selection of flowers to be found above St George's Bay on the Roman Road. Between St. George’s Bay and Pantokrator is the area Agros to Spartillas.

The west coast range of mountains rises to between 350 and 450 metres and falls quickly into the sea.  Mamaro Hills is at the northern end and Sinarades is in the middle.

In the southwest a stretch of coastal sand dunes beside Lake Korission, is followed by sandstone cliffs rising to 130 metres, on the Corfu Trail between Kavos to Lefkimmi.

Description of the Corfu Trail can be found at

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